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Dr. Bernard Hill is the founder and Bishop of Harvest Time Faith Center Church in Vidalia, Georgia. In 1992, the ministry began with only even members in his home. Since answering the call of God, Harvest Time Faith Center Church Inc. has grown tremendously in members, finances, and assets. Dr. Hill is a teacher of the Word of God and teaches the Word with simplicity.

Dr. Hill is the founder of Hope for Healing Christian Counseling Center in Vidalia, Georgia, a center that focuses on healing and restoration of individuals and families. Dr. Hill is the founder of Project Care, a non-profit organization that aid the youth, elderly, and special needs in their continued development and care.  Dr. Hill also partners with 12 Baskets Food Pantry in serving and providing food for Toombs and local counties. Dr. Hill also Chancellor of Harvest Time Institute of Biblical Studies, an Accredited College that teaches those who want to grow their understanding of the Holy Bible and spiritual development. Dr. Hill has partnered with the global organization Africa on Fire (AOF), which is a ministry that has a global focus on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard. Dr. Hill is also involved with KAIROS, a prison ministry whose focus is taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ inside the prison walls.

Dr. Hills hold a Doctorate Degree in Counseling, Doctorate Degree in Christian Therapy, Master's Degree of Divinity in Christian Counseling, and a Bachelor Degree in Theology. In addition, he is a certified Christian Therapists.

Dr. Hill is a loving, faithful and compassionate husband to his wife Valentina Phillips-Hill who is also Senior Pastor. He is a loving father to their two children; Sequoia Durant and Bernard Hill Jr. (BJ) and a wonderful grandfather to their granddaughters: Lauren Paige Hardnett, Leah Avah Durant, Ola Francine Durant and Bella Valentina Hill.

On October 18, 2015, Dr. Bernard Hill was consecrated as the Bishop of Harvest Time Faith Center Church and Harvest Time Fellowship of Ministries, which places Bishop Hill as a covering for six ministries; five throughout the United States and one-in-house.


Sr. Pastor




After excelling in High School, she obtained her Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies. She was employed at the Vidalia Police department after serving for 35 years.

Sr. Pastor Valentina Hill is favorable known as Tina and is the co-pastor of Harvest Time Faith Center Church, Inc.  This is a family oriented and Christ centered ministry that focuses on building and restoring lives. Pastor Tina lives a consecrated life before the Lord. She is a mighty prayer warrior, a vessel of God who is chosen to take the body of Christ to another level.

She is the co-founder of Valentina P. Hill Ministries Inc., an outreach ministry of Harvest Time Faith Center Church where her focus is reaching women who are incarcerated. Her vision is to guide them through the word of God to be productive and spiritually empowered woman of God. She serves as a mentor to many women. She has a passion for developing women to go forth in what God has called them to do. Pastor Tina works closely with her husband Bishop Dr. Bernard Hill with Project Care. The non-profit organization serves the communities at risk youth, the senior population and those with special needs.

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